On-Line Reputation has now become more and more important to business owners.  Your on-line reputation now appears in all of the Google searches whether on-line or on mobile devices and now even in social media.

What your customers say about you matters now more than ever!


Many business owners have no idea what is being said about them online. As a result they may be losing tens of thousands of dollars in sales weekly. It’s easy for a competitor, ex-employee, or unsatisfied customer to bad mouth your business online.

These reviews now appear in your Google Places pages as well as many other places on-line and they can potentially turn away clients. Having no reputation online is as bad as having a negative reputation or rating.

Business owners are currently paying to optimize their websites and drive traffic with pay per click. Their goal is to appear high on the first page. However, they are often paying to send potential clients to their poor reputation.


We offer our clients a comprehensive approach to having a 5-star reputation. This includes training their staff and assisting with the creation of a 5-star reputation culture. The business is provided with the marketing tools to encourage the creation of these reviews from happy customers.

The second leg includes monitoring numerous on-line sites that post reviews on this business and preparing the responses to any negative reviews that arise. Often these may come from ex-employees and competitors.

The final leg includes marketing of the good reviews that are coming in and distributing them to the various influential on-line properties as well as using them with the shops own marketing efforts.


Let us help you attract more customers with a custom solution, tailored specifically for your business!

Great Brands Deserve Amazing Websites

Website design is at the core of what we do.  A beautiful and functional website is essential for engaging with customers, and generating new business online.

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your website works as a tool to generate new business.