Trackable Response

Mobile Apps

Empower your brand’s presence! A mobile app enhances user engagement, provides instant accessibility, and fosters a personalized experience. Capture a wider audience, streamline services, and boost customer loyalty. Don’t be left behind – creating a mobile app is the key to staying ahead in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

  • One on One Intimate Communication with Customers.
  • “PUSH” Notifications – Specials, discounts, reminders, Coupons, etc. are received97% of the time, vs. the 4% with email.
  • Constant Branding – Right on the Customer’s mobile device 23 hours per day!


One on One Intimate Communications With Your Customers Right Where They Are Constantly Looking.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS have a open rate of 97% versus 4-10% For E-Mail Open Rates… There are NO spam filters for Push Notifications

Ability To Promote Specials and Discounts during your slow periods. Take your down time and turn them into profit producing promotions.

Constant Branding – Right on your customers Mobile Device that they are on constantly all day –everyday.

GPS Directions to your location.

One Tap Call right to your business from their phone.

Connect to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms.

You FINALLY have a list to market to, instead of always looking for new prospects and spending a fortune trying to find them. They are now in your database.

Another platform to deliver your monthly newsletter that will increase sales and stimulate referrals.

Viral Marketing- Your app can now be shared with your clients.

You are now making it “easier” to do business with you and in today’s world it’s all about convenience.

LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD – You can now compete with your BIG competitors with the big ad budgets and be more effective.

Check–In Coupons That Give Your Customers A Reason To Come Back To You Instead of Your Competition!

Send Them Reminders! They Will Pay Attention and You Will Increase Your Sales and Frequency.

Unlike Other Media such as newspapers, radio and TV, which stop when you stop running them, Your Mobile App will always be right on your customers phone screen as a reminder.